• Friday September 10,2021
  • 17:27:14
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    Fenwei CCI index for Quasi I coking coal was 4,080 yuan/t in Rizhao of Shandong, up 50 yuan/t DoD, 330 yuan/t WoW, 1,160 yuan/t MoM and 112.5% YoY.

  • 17:22:43
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    The tenth round of price hike was accepted, with aggregated growth at 1,360 yuan/t. Coke supply was further tightened, as production cut expanded in Shandong and production in Xiaoyi of Shanxi was constrained by relevant inspections.

  • 17:16:07
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    Ganqimaodu border crossing cleared 93 coal trucks on September 9. Two more infection drivers were confirmed at the checkpoint, casting uncertainty to the operation of the checkpoint. Offers of Mongolian 5# raw coking coal rose to 2,900-3,000 yuan/t ex-stock Ganqimaodu with VAT and that of washed coking coal rose to 3,400-3,500 yuan/t ex-stock Ganqimaodu with VAT.

  • 16:16:28
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    New Zealand imported 632,000 t of coal in April-June, doubling from January-March period, the government data showed.

  • 16:12:47
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    Thermal coal supply fell short of robust demand that came from chemical and metallurgical plants and households, bolstering coal prices. The high prices worried miners who feared price risks resulting from any policy step in.

  • 16:02:08
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    Torrent rain in Indonesia forced more coal miners to declare force majeure, contributing to supply tightness and rising offers. Large bid-offer spread resulted in low trading liquidity. Importers reckoned that global natural gas shortage may further exert pressure on thermal coal supply and that prices of import seaborne cargoes are hard to go down.

  • 15:51:32
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    U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimated that U.S.'s power consumption is to rose 2.97% YoY to 3,915 TWh in 2021 and then to 3,956 TWh in 2022.

  • 15:42:46
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    The most-traded coking coal futures on the Dalian Commodity Exchange closed 0.64% lower at noon on September 10, the most-traded coke futures on DCE dropped 1.7% and the most-actively-traded thermal coal futures on Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange slid 4.42%, while iron ore futures on DCE slid 1.09%.

  • 15:36:57
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    Brazilian miner Vale exported 24.47 Mt of iron ore in July, up 2.9% MoM and 1.1% YoY, showed data from sinferbase.

  • 11:30:53
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    Mongolia exported 988,300 t of coal to China in August, down 73.73% YoY but up 53.28% MoM, accounting for 94.4% of the country's total exports. This brought exports to China to 10.43 Mt during January-August, falling 28.35% YoY.

  • 11:24:10
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    SPIC said on September 8 that it would focus its efforts on thermal power operation and coal supply and make advance preparation for winter coal storage, especially coal supply in northeastern China.

  • 11:20:33
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    Brazilian miner Vale downgraded its iron ore production capacity guidance for the next year on September 9, due to a delay in approval procedure of relevant projects by the government.

  • 11:18:26
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    Daqin railway transported 35.72 Mt of coal in August, up 3.09% YoY, and daily coal delivery averaged 1.15 Mt during the month. There were 76.4 heavy-haul trains of the railway operating on average each day, with 57.1 trains with loading capacity of 20,000 tonnes.    

  • 08:59:45
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    Canada exported 2.46 Mt of bituminous coal in July, up 15.56% YoY but down 24.03% MoM, with import value at 392 mln Canadian dollar ($310 mln), up 39.63% YoY but down 21.79% MoM, according to Statistics Canada.

  • Thursday September 09,2021
  • 17:05:50
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    The number of coal trucks passing Ganqimaodu border crossing decreased blow 100 after three drivers at the border were tested positive with COVID-19 pandemic on September 8. Severe pandemic situation in Mongolia and infection cases among truck drivers exerted great pressure to the Mongolian coking coal supply.

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